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Since 1940, Indian Valley Industries, Inc. has been a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer of a diverse product line. Focused primarily on environmental protection products for heavy construction, Indian Valley consistently provides the highest in customer service standards, delivering unrivaled support to our customers. Indian Valley Industries manages the materials acquisition process with a focus on logistics, giving our customers flexibility to plan their projects with confidence. For 75 years, Indian Valley has built its business through the trust of our customers.

We're really good at


We get product moving fast. Our strategically located distribution points allow us to satisfy customer demands easily and reliably.


Right from the first phone call, our customer service staff facilitates order processing and works with customers to acheive timely delivery of goods.


Our diverse product lines allow us to co-mingle many items on the same order and trailer. This streamlines the acquisition for our customers, saving them time and money.

Timeline of Our Business

Since 1940, Indian Valley Industries, Inc. has continually addressed market conditions with innovation and persistance.  Year in and year out, we've faced challenges with great success and consistently found solutions to serve our customers. Celebrating our 75th Anniversary, we look towards the future with promise and resolve. 

1940 - The Beginning

Indian Valley was founded in 1940 by Milton A. Rozen and was originally operated in a vacant horse stall. Business consisted of picking up used burlap and cotton feed bags from local mills, hand shaking the feed from the bags, measuring the bags, culling out bags with large holes, stains, hand mending holes with large needles, baling the bags and reselling them back to the feed mills

1940 to 1965 - The Early Years

During the war years, the bag business was deemed an important industry and as such few were drafted into the service. Milt was called and did his service with the Merchant marine, while his foreman stayed behind and ran the business. In 1947, Indian Valley moved into a single story building that still stands. He purchased darning machines to mend the bags and installed a vacuum system to clean the bags. In 1952 he traveled by train to Louisville, KY where he purchased a cut and fold machine which enabled him to start manufacturing new burlap and cotton bags. As a present, the Schmutz Manufacturing Company gave him a bottle of Kentucky bourbon. In 1956, the company purchased printing presses that printed bags one at a time. In 1960 the company incorporated.

1965 to 1975 - Growth & Product Line Extension

In 1964, Wayne A. Rozen joined the company. In 1965, Indian Valley changed its name to Indian Valley Industries as it expanded its sales into other industries than feed. The company purchased, during this period, three cut, print, and fold machines which streamlined production printing the burlap sheets and then manufacturing them into bags. The company also manufactured mesh bags for onions. In 1970, Indian Valley started a deeper involvement into environmental areas and centered its efforts on erosion control.

1975 to 1985 - Environmental Protection Expansion

As markets changed so did the company. As imports started taking a larger percentage of textile and mesh bag markets, Indian Valley de-emphasized its involvement in these markets. Its converting and manufacturing operations allowed it to shift it's capacity towards other markets that were less commodity driven.

1985 to 2000 - Containment Systems 

In the early 1980's, Indian Valley Industries made a major shift in emphasis towards manufacturing of a wide range of containment systems, including tarps for painting and blasting, silt fence for construction, and turbidity curtains for dredging/marine construction. Indian Valley also became a major distributor of erosion control and sediment control products. In the late, 1990's, Indian Valley formed IVI-GOLF (its Golf Division) to sell it's environmental products for golf course construction. It also introduced it's revolutionary bunker liner, Sandtrapper, which prevents sand erosion in bunkers.

2000 to 2014 - New Markets & Products

The early 2000's saw incredible growth in its Golf Division, with Sandtrapper. During this time, Indian Valley also experienced rapid growth in it's Energy Sector, with its IVI-HD-Rockshield product and other environmental products. Milton Rozen died in 2004, but the company had completely “morphed” into one driven by the environmental aspects of construction. In 2001, John Brauer (sales manager) and Kent Pennell(controller) joined the company and the company realized strong growth that continues in all of its target markets. In 2008, Pennell and Brauer purchased the company and are its principles. Wayne Rozen continues with the company as a Director and is still very active.

2015 - 75th Anniversary & New Corporate Location

With the sales growth it experienced from 2005 to 2013, Indian Valley needed larger manufacturing capacity and central warehouse space. It began looking into other area locations, preferring to stay within the NY Southern Tier environs. In 2014, Brauer and Pennell located a new facility in the Industrial Park outside of Binghamton. In the Spring and Summer of 2015, Indian Valley made it's move to the new facility. 2015 also represents the 75th year of business operations. Indian Valley has become an imporant regional business and far changed from the horse stall in 1940.